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Governing bodies

The Governing bodies of CRUTECH Alumni Association are;

  1. Central Working Committee (CWC): This is the apex Policy and decision making organ of the association. Its membership comprises of all National Executive Council (NEC), Board of Trustees (BOT) and Chapter Chairmen and Secretaries duly elected and inaugurated by the National Executive Council (NEC).
  2. National Executive council (NEC): This is the organ of the Association vested with the day-to-day management and executive authority of the Association. They also ensure the following:
  • Implementation of all decisions and plans reached or made by the CWC, AGM or NEC for the growth and development of the Association.
  • Ensuring the continuity and steady growth of the Association.
  • Proper administration of the affairs of the Association.
  • Initiating policies and programmes for the consideration and approval of the CWC, NEC and or AGM.
  • Mobilization of the entire members of the Association for the realization of any course of action decided by the general body.


  1. Board of Trustee (BoT): The Board of Trustees (BoT) of CRUTECH Alumni Association shall serve as the positive and true conscience of the Association at all times playing the advisory role on all policy matters and mediate in cases of conflicts in the entire organs of the Association.