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Mission & Vision

Be a centre of excellence in technology with highly qualified staff and excellent teaching and research facilities for production of graduates that can compete with their peers anywhere in the world.

To produce well trained graduates and researchers in science and technology, equipped for active participation in socio-economic and development.

OUR AIMS AND OBJECTIVES (Alumni Association)
• To promote the welfare, standard, prestige and good name of the University.
• To encourage a close relationship between the University Authorities, the staff, the students, the Association and the General Public.
• To provide assistance to the various components of the University.
• To provide services and donations to Charities, Religious, Educational Organizations and other non-profit making bodies.
• To explore cooperation with organizations that have similar aims and objectives within and outside the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
• To institute a scholarship scheme and provide financial assistance to the needy, but educationally outstanding students.
• To encourage members to individually and collectively support teaching and other scholarly activities in the University.
• To promote cooperative spirit amongst members and encourage mutual self-help.
• Organize from time to time, seminar, conferences, workshops, symposia, lectures and other similar activities for the articulation of common problems relating to the development of the society.
• To undertake all such other things as are lawful, necessary and conducive to the; attainment of the ideals of the Association and the development of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.