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Project detail

Definition of Project

An Alumni centre is an establishment carefully designed for a group of people who graduated from a school or a University; to meet and deliberate on issues. It also provides administrative cover, meals, lodging, recreation and other social activities for commercial and non-commercial purposes. 

Background of Project

Looking at the present situation involving the non-availability of a state of the art Alumni centre and Secretariat for the Cross River University of Technology Alumni Association, it is imperative that this project is undertaken. Presently, the executives have no place to call an office, and that makes it difficult to locate them when need arises.

Secondly, staff and guests of the institution have no place for recreation and even temporary accommodation. CRUTECH Alumnus and Alumna, Adjunct staff, Postgraduates and visitors to the University currently spend a lot of money in obtaining private accommodation in form of hotel and guest house fees off-campus.

In addition, it has been observed that within the Calabar south and Calabar Municipality regions, there is hardly any standard event centre to meet the entertainment and hospitality needs of this eventful city of Calabar – as we know it. The proposed Alumni centre will help during events such as conferences, submits, general meetings, matriculations and convocations, wedding of members of CRUTECH staff and Alumni.

Significance of the Project

  • To provide and sustain an affordable event centre and lodge for staff, visitors, alumni and the institution at large.
  • To reduce the stress, time and expenses on Management in paying for accommodation in hotels off-campus for visitors or staff especially when hosting ceremonies. 
  • To provide long term accommodation or social space solution for users. 
  • To provide high guest satisfaction via neat and comfortable event spaces for all classes of persons in the state. 
  • To generate revenue for the smooth running of the CRUTECH Alumni Association. This will boost the financial status of the Alumni association and enable them contribute to the institution. 
  • To key into the transformation agenda of the present administration. That is, to use the Alumni centre to give CRUTECH a face lift.

Project infor

Client CRUTECH Alumni
Task CRUTECH Alumni Centre Building
Date 2016-08-14
Programe CRUTECH Alumni Centre
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